Established 1588 ffree Grammer Schole of Newport


At Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport, we pride ourselves on being a community that can share in each others’ successes and support each other through moments of challenge and difficulty. In order for our students to excel and flourish, effective communication between parents/carers and the Academy is vital. All information relevant to you is available on this website. Please click here to view the parent/carer information pages.

The Academy will always do its very best to ensure that key information is available to you which will aid you in supporting your child during their time here. You will also find many of our key policies which will both inform you of how we support your children at Joyce Frankland Academy and our expectations of you in helping us to ensure that achieve the best possible outcomes.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child please contact us directly. The form tutor or individual subject teacher should be the first point of contact depending on your question. If you have a larger concern then the Director of Key Stage or Faculty lead will support you in any way that they can. Never ‘wait to see what happens’, if you have an issue we very much want to work with you to find the solution for all concerned.