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    Radio Society workshop

    Posted On: 22/03/19

    On Tuesday 12th March, 30 students were given the opportunity to take part in a day of workshops delivered by the Radio Society of Great Britain. This was a great opportunity for pupils to build team working skills, improve communication skills, see science and technology in action as well as experiencing the original social network!

    Pupils learnt Morse Code so they were able to send and decode messages. During this activity the pupils discussed the importance of Morse code during the Wars and how the armed forces still use this communication technique.

    Pupils then experienced radio and satellite communication where conversations were had with people from as far as Eastern Europe. Members of the Radio Society explained the importance of avoiding certain topics of conversations such as religion and politics as well as only using certain radio frequencies.

    Lastly, students were given the opportunity to build on their prior knowledge of electronics, they worked in teams to build a radio receiver.

    Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience, they were inquisitive and focused. The Radio Society said they were a joy to work with too.