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Back to the 80s

Posted On: 29/03/19

This year we were transported back in time to an era that brought us the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, massive hair and, of course, the Rubiks Cube! Born in the 80s, this show was a wonderfully nostalgic trip down memory lane for me, reminding me of music, tv shows and how wonderfully awkward our teenage years once were. As always, it was a whirlwind adventure and the cast and crew were amazing. Students can be congratulated on their professionalism, their hard work and their dedication to get the show on the road! So many juggled studies, sports, hobbies, work, rehearsals, technical rigging and painting! As always, here at JFAN, I am very proud to be able to say that ours is a real student production. Our students helped from the first stages of the show, taking on jobs such as choreography, assistant directors and stage managers; they painted, built the set, rigged lights and sound cables, cleaned (even vacuuming!); they taught each other songs and dance numbers and kept me sane with jokes, great acting and total dedication! They have been there from start to finish on this project and for that I am super proud and very thankful. What a fantastic team effort!
Thank you also to all the parents who have tirelessly dropped, fetched and gone out of their way to help with props or costumes. And, a special thank you to Tom Hume who came out of JFAN musicals retirement to play Corey snr for us, fitting in rehearsals around his daytime job!
Another special thank you and goodbye goes to the Year 13s in their last Musical at JFAN. George Teal joined us last year and offered up fantastic humour in the 2018 show. This year he took on the monumental task of Stage Manger. Rebecca Rankin and Ewan Allright have both been involved in these shows for a number of years now and I have watched them both grow as performers. Thank you to them for their dedication, good company and hard work. Alastair Gibson's involvement over 7 years and 9 shows altogether must be a record! We have put on some great shows at JFAN together. From the Mayor of Munchkin Land, to Michael Jackson and then jumping on board to join my tech team, I want to thank him for the years of laughter, of grey hairs and endless packets of sweets! I will really miss his boundless support when we start our next show.
Lastly, I am exceptionally proud of a group of students who have gone above and beyond to help me pull this show together. I feel that this year I need to say a personal thank you to three students who have been my absolute saviour these last few months: Kaiden Sherman-Young (our JFAN tech team newbie) who has definitely found his place in our Drama department for his endless work rigging, planning and sorting the lights; Nicole Davies for being a sounding board and a calming support to all; and Eddie Davis for doing a million things on a daily basis! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Finally to all the parents, students and staff who supported by coming to watch, we are grateful for your continuing support and hope to see you next year!