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    JFAN IT Appeal

    Posted On: 03/07/19

    Joyce Frankland Academy has been an educational establishment since 1588, we have a long history of
    delivering high quality teaching and development in a rural village. Our new moto is to “Explore, Fulfil and
    Flourish”. However, our budget is very challenging. Another significant factor for 2019/20, is that we will
    be funded below the National Funding minimum. The reason for this is, due to the fact, that Essex has
    retained the ability to set its own formulae for distribution of funds and consequently, have moved funding
    from the schools’ block to the high needs block to resolve a deficit in its special education needs budget.
    This will result in our school only being able to afford the essentials in many cases.
    As an Academy our aim is to be inclusive rather than exclusive, we don’t want to resort to continuously
    making financial demands on parents so that their children can have the best possible education in this
    digital age, to which they have a right. Ultimately, we need to raise £100,000 to put all the IT suites back
    into a workable state and to safeguard the rest of our IT infrastructure.
    In the short term we need to be able to continue to deliver quality education to our students in this
    technology-driven world. IT is an integral cross curricular part of the education platform; not only do we
    run the standard packages on our system together with online mental health and career assessment
    tools essential for the wellbeing and development of our students.
    Our computer equipment is at its end of life and we need to raise this large sum of money for the critical
    refurbishment of our IT rooms. In a school dating back to1588 (with listed buildings) our budget frequently
    must be diverted to make emergency repairs etc., which impacts on other purchases such as
    Our 3 computer rooms contain around 90 desktops; many of them are older than our Year 8 students.
    The time taken to log on to a computer has reached an unacceptable level despite the best efforts of our
    IT team.
    The operation platform is about to reach end of its life, meaning that it is no longer supported with
    security updates. We can upgrade, we have the licenses, but the machines are too old. We need help,
    and that’s why we need your support.
    If you can’t offer financial support but have machines you are removing from your business that are under
    5 years old, we would happily use them.
    If you would like to donate via our “Crowdfunder” Page, please paste the link into your browser.
    Thank you for your time
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    Yours Sincerely,
    Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport