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Art Trip 2019

Posted On: 23/07/19

On Tuesday 16th July, the Art department and Art students visited the Fitzwilliam Gallery in Cambridge for the day. The trip helped me to further my understanding of Paul Cezanne - his work and how he took inspiration from the Impressionist artists. My class mates and I  took photographs of the work we saw there, ready to present in our sketchbooks, as well as drawings that we completed from life.
The entire trip was extremely informative. I also learnt about other art styles: modern art such as Cubism, and how Cezanne helped to change the direction of art through a unique and different style for his time. The educational speaker who gave us an introduction helped us to understand the development of art history at this time. We discovered how modern Cezanne was for his time, different from the traditional portrait artists such as the Pre-Raphaelites before him and the impressionists who were his contemporaries.
After my experience at the museum I am now able to complete more work at school such as finishing off my drawings from the day, producing more colour work from my photos, creating pastiches from the artist’s work, and documenting my notes into my sketchbook. This will really help to improve my GCSE grade next year.
I enjoyed the visit and look forward to the trip we will go on in October -  to The Tate Modern.
I understand that without the help of the Jack Petchey grant we would not have had the opportunity to attend this enrichment trip, so we are very pleased for the help we were lucky to receive to cover our travel cost on the day. Thank you!
Kiera Payne
Yr 10