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    Exercise for ACT

    Posted On: 22/06/20

    Since 18th May 2020, students, staff and their families from Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport have been taking part in a fundraising exercise competition to support Addenbrookes’ Charitable Trust. The competition, which has been running during lockdown, has been a great success so far, raising over £300 for the charity with students, staff and their families exercising over 9,500 miles.

    The challenge was originally set up by Mr Grindrod with the aim of bringing a sense of community to Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport in the isolation of lockdown. The challenge also has the aim of supporting the wider community of Addenbrookes Hospital, which serves us so well, by having a feeling of purpose and having a positive impact. The original challenge was to see which House and their family members could exercise the 857 miles from John O’Groats to Land’s End the fastest and raise the most money for the charity. This was achieved very quickly with Caius House successfully exercising the distance in just over a week.

    Following the speed and success of this original challenge, the next challenge was to see which House could exercise the furthest – in fact, to exercise to Tokyo before the 2020 Olympics were due to start. This challenge has also been achieved, so now we are targeting the 24,000 miles needed to circumnavigate the world!

    However, it is not just the exercise that is important: Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport has also set up a Just Giving Page to support Addenbrookes’ Charitable Trust, so please help our community and donate...

    These challenges have had a great effect on the physical and mental health of the Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport community. Here is what some of the students and staff have said about the challenge:


    Ella,from 8 Saxie: “I think the challenge has motivated my family and me, to exercise for longer than usual and really enjoy what a beautiful area we live in. What I have really missed during lockdown are my competitive sports and this challenge provides me with a good way to compete against my classmates. The competition element has helped me to remember that I am still part of the school community as we are competing against everyone from school while in lockdown.”

    It has also acted as a great distraction from the world around us, as Daisy in 11 Morden emphasises here: “It helps me forget about everything that is going at this moment in time. I think supporting Addenbrookes is a brilliant thing to do, as they are our local hospital and need all the support at this tough time. This challenge has really helped me feel part of the Academy community still because it is a competition between the houses. Lockdown has really helped me develop new life skills and get a lot closer to my family and friends who I truly miss. It was a very sad way to end my last year with the school but I can’t thank the teachers/school enough for the things I have achieved.”


    Seraphina, in 7 Bansted: “I am missing school and my friends. It is a shame that we probably will not be able to finish year 7, I was having so much fun. It has been a really great challenge to help feel part of the academy community still. Everyone can get involved. There are many ways to build up the miles not just running and cycling. It has also been really good for my brother who is joining Joyce Frankland in September. Being involved in the challenge has helped him to start to feel part of our community and feel proud to represent our house (Banstead). “

    Annie, from 8 Morden: “It is important we support Addenbrookes in these times for with such immense pressure on funding it is always vital that our local hospital has extra support and security. Not only is this challenge helping Addenbrookes, but also it has kept up the Academy's community sense with its competitive nature. It has been hard to miss school during lockdown because with the challenge taking a lead as inter house, all my online school being lessons and technology helping me keep contact with my friends, it feels very similar!”


    The whole process and need for the Inter House Competition is best answered here by Archie from 9 Morden, who says “I normally play hockey, cricket and rugby so it’s been important to keep my fitness up during lockdown. The challenge has given me something to aim for. I love cycling so a ride is a great incentive for me to get my school work done. It’s a good way to blow away the cobwebs! I enjoy off road cycling most. We go out as a family (my dog Molly often comes along too), but I also meet up with friends for rides now that you’re allowed to exercise with people from other households. It’s been brilliant to socialise again and it’s easy to keep 2m apart when you’re on a bike.

    “I feel very lucky to live close to one of the world’s leading teaching and research hospitals. It’s our local hospital and its staff do an amazing job keeping people well in our community and getting them better. The work Addenbrookes has done and continue to do during the Covid pandemic is incredible. I’m proud to say I was born there!

    “It gives you the chance to feel part of a team again. We normally have inter house sports competitions at school each term which we’ve obviously not been able to do and we were also due to play in two rugby county cup finals which couldn’t happen. The competition is a great substitute for Sports Day too. It’s nice to have some friendly competition between friends/other houses.”