Established 1588 ffree Grammer Schole of Newport

What is a name?

Posted On: 13/11/14

On Friday 14th November ex Headmaster Kenneth Hall will be delivering a special assembly entitled "What’s in a name?" to students at Joyce Frankland Academy, he will be covering the history and the naming of the Academy.

Below is an excerpt from the Newport Free Grammar School Quartercentenary Edition book, it highlights on the history of the school whilst Kenneth Hall was the Headmaster:

As the first Headmaster to be appointed to this School as a comprehensive school, Kenneth Hall fully accepted the situation, and wished to complete its organisation as such as quickly as possible. While acknowledging that tradition was one of the great strengths of the School, he recognised the necessity of adapting to changing social ideals and professional and commercial needs. The curriculum must fulfil the needs of the pupils, of all abilities, coming to the School, and of the world into which they would pass. Enough attention would have to be paid to the less gifted and this might mean lower examination results but not less success as a school. Success must be given in terms of what you do with the material you are given.

- Newport Free Grammar School Quartercentenary Edition