Established 1588 ffree Grammer Schole of Newport

Academy is delighted to be recognised as a GOOD school!

Posted On: 25/05/16

Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport is delighted to announce that its recent Ofsted inspection resulted in the Academy being judged as good in all categories. This is the culmination of three years of dedicated work to ensure the students of Newport achieve the best outcomes.

Principal Gordon Farquhar stated:

‘For almost a decade this Academy has been told it is not good enough. I never once felt this was a fair reflection of the outstanding young people and excellent staff it has been my complete pleasure to work with over the past three years. When I started I described the Academy as a ‘sleeping giant’, what I have grown to realise is that the Academy isn’t a stand alone behemoth,  it is actually a community who want the best for each other and celebrate each others’ values. We see this judgement as the end of the first phase of our journey and are looking forward to embracing the challenges as we continue to move the Academy forward.’

The Ofsted team undertook a full , two day section 5 inspection where they thoroughly investigated every aspect of the Academy’s practice. Governors, staff, parents and of course students were all asked their opinions which is a highlight of the report. One student stated that the Academy is a “close knit community....because we respect one another”. Wider improvements were recognised by parents who stated “the many changes to the Academy have had a hugely positive impact on the teaching and learning”.

Other key judgements state:

Effectiveness of leadership and management is good because:

All leaders have a clear awareness of the school’s strengths and weaknesses. They are open and honest  about where improvements are needed and plan strategically...”

The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is good because:

Teaching has improved since the last inspection and is now typically good across the school.”

Personal development, behaviour and welfare is good  because:

“Pupils are polite and confident. They take pride in their school and their work.”

Outcomes for pupils is good because:

“The progress of pupils currently in the school has improved since the last inspection. They are making good progress across a range of subjects.”

Our sixth form is good because:

The quality of teaching, learning and assessment in the sixth form is good across the range of subjects and is sometimes inspirational.”

The Chair of Governors Paul Gray stated:

“The Governors and I are delighted that Ofsted has recognised the improvements that have been made under the ‘strong and decisive leadership’ of the Principal Gordon Farquhar. On a personal note I am particularly proud of their recognition of the exceptional support provided to all members of the Academy community particularly those families in the armed services.”

The Academy now sets out to continue to achieve what its founder Dame Joyce Frankland stated in 1588 and inspire future generations with a ‘love of learning’.