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    Erasmus Trip To Poland

    Posted On: 21/11/16

    Press report for Erasmus trip to Leszno, Poland 13th-18th November


    Last week 4 year 10 students and two members of staff Graham Hesketh and Linda Vincent traveled to Leszno in Poland to participate with 8 other European schools in the 4th stage of a 3 year project titled ‘How to live work and study in another EU country’. For the visiting party from the Joyce Frankland Academy this was the first visit by the school to a school in Poland and everyone agreed the very warm welcome provided by the students and families of the host school was fantastic. 
    Whilst visiting the country for 6 days students and staff enhanced their cultural knowledge of the region and country as well as getting a better understanding of what it was like to live, study and work in Poland. This was achieved by staying with families, going to the High School in Leszno where they learned about the Polish education system and visiting factories that made component parts for major European car manufactures like Mercedes and Renault. Furthermore, directors of Polish companies gave lectures to the students on working in Poland and how they have close ties with the school in Leszno.  The party also visited Poznan where they went to the Adam Mickiewicz University chemistry dept and the Old Town Cathedral. There was also a visit to Wroclaw in order to see the an exhibition fdevoted to water and to a speedway arena which is one of Poland’s national sports.
    Graham Hesketh International Coordinator for the school and an Ambassador for the British Council said “the 4 students we took on this voyage of discovery were superb ambassadors for the academy. They mixed well with the participants from Italy, Finland, Spain, Netherlands and Poland and in the process enhanced their language skills as well as becoming more aware of the global interaction required in the world of education and in the job market today which I am sure will serve them well for the future". The fifth part of this project resumes in February when a further 4 students and two teachers will travel to Finland.