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    Anti Bullying Week

    Posted On: 28/11/16

    Along with many schools up and down the country, students and staff at Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport participated in National Anti-Bullying Alliance Week from 14th to 18th November. A team of students from all years, led by Y11 anti-bullying prefects, was put together by Lauren Woods, Acting Assistant Principal: Pastoral Strategy. Their challenge was to spread awareness of anti-bullying using the 2016 slogan ‘Power For Good’. As a group, they decided on many ways to share awareness on this important issue;  for example one team within the group organised the production of many different posters that were then displayed all around the Academy, another helped to devise daily form time activities and assemblies which were presented to the students. One key area of discussion during form time was the dangers of ‘banter’ becoming bullying. The Anti-Bullying Team held lunch time drop-in sessions each day, complete with tea and biscuits, for those students who were feeling affected by bullying in any way and they intend to carry on with this henceforth.  To culminate the week, the team decided to promote ‘Wear Something Blue for Anti-Bullying’. Principal, Gordon Farquhar, supported the students’ awareness day by agreeing to relax the make-up and nail varnish rules...providing it was blue! Many students, however, took the opportunity to go above and beyond by wearing a multitude of blue items; some even came fully dressed in blue, complete with blue face paint! (as seen in the photos below) All in all, the combination of awareness activities led to some excellent discussions being had by students of all ages; the week was a real success!

    This report was written by the Anti-Bullying Publicity Team:  Hettie Garnham, Y10, of Stocking Pelham, Darren Martin, Y11, of Ford End, Sarah Salkeld, Y9, of Dunmow, Oliver Dorn, Y11 of Littlebury and Eddie Davis, Y10, of Dunmow



    1: Two Y11 prefects with the Historical Hero v Historical Bully poster: Helena Davis, Y11, of Clavering and Jessie Jacobs, Y11 of Great Bardfield

    2: Some of the Anti-Bullying Team with two of the display boards they created

    3 and 4: taken on ‘wear something blue for Anti-bullying’ day (3 without Mrs W, 4 with Mrs W)