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    Healthy Schools Training Course

    Posted On: 15/03/17

    At the end of last half term, we volunteered for a two day training course
     about all aspects of health. Forest Hall School also participated in the
     course, and we spent our first day learning about physical and mental
     health in our society, about which we were later tested on to get the
     chance to pass a Level 1 certificate in Social well being. We learned lots
     about different areas of the country and health risks related to certain
     lifestyles. The next day we all received our training to become Youth
     Health Champions. We did several team building exercises, as it was
     important to become comfortable with the other champions. They were
     definitely beneficial to our team! We learned about all areas of health and
     well being that we could campaign for in the future, and discussed
     potential campaigns all together. Between us, we decided that as GCSEs are
     coming up next year, we would definitely focus more on areas relating to
     emotional and mental health. They gave us a memory stick full of
     information we could use for our campaigns, and we discussed ideas such as
     posters and revision sessions. We will continue to think of ideas that are
     different so that they will be more memorable and effective.
     On the 10th of March, we attended an Awards Ceremony in Chelmsford for our
     efforts in being a Healthy School, thanks to our teachers' organisation in
     the training and applications for it. Once there, they presented the awards
     in groups based on districts in Essex, with talks given in between by
     organisations and schools who have and are making efforts to improve
     different areas of mental and emotional well being in their respected
     areas. we also had the pleasure of listening to Paralympian Aaron Phipps
     talk about making good choices. He faced many difficulties from a young age
     due to his illness, and because of the choices he made, he got to where he
     is today. Hearing of his perseverance, especially in climbing Mount
     Kilimanjaro, was really inspiring and very educational. Several primary
     schools also gave talks about their efforts to improve emotional health in
     their schools, such as a kind of meditation technique called
     "Heartfullness" designed to allow one to be calm and focus better. One
     primary school gave a presentation about homophobia, that was quite heart
     warming to listen to. It was an excellent ceremony, and we will incorporate
     the information we gathered into our campaigns.