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    Road Safety Event

    Posted On: 22/09/17

    Year 12 and 13 attend Essex Highways Road Safety Event

    On Tuesday the 19th of September Year 12 and 13 attended the Roadster Event here at the Academy. The event which forms part of the students' wider PSHEE education programme within the Sixth Form, was run by Essex Highways to promote road safety. It included sessions on speeding, driving safely, car maintenance and driving under the influence of both alcohol and drugs. Below are some comments from students on what they learnt throughout the day:

    'The motor safety talks were very interesting and educational. I learnt the price of learning to drive, and how to buy the best and safest tyres, as well as the consequences attached to driving recklessly. It has taught me to be careful when I learn to drive and not to take advantage of that privilege.'

    'On Tuesday I learnt on about how important tyres are to cars and the ways in which they are graded. I also learnt some methods that police use to test for drugs and alcohol in someone's system; and how a criminal record affects your insurance and the long term price you have to pay for it. '