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    Sixth Form Student Leadership in Action

    Posted On: 18/06/18

    The Sixth Form science mentoring scheme is designed for our academic students to support selected students in lower years who have been identified as needing extra support with their studies. The year 12 students are required to plan and present lessons on a wide range of KS3 topics. The materials they design are differentiated to meet the needs of their tutees. It has given the mentors valuable experiences in planning and developing strategies in presenting and explaining information. They have also formed supportive friendships with their tutees.

    The Sixth Form Students comment:

    “As a sixth form mentor my aim is to teach KS3 science in fun and interactive ways. This mentoring opportunity is beneficial for both myself and the students as we are all learning new skills”. Jasmine year 12.

    “I find the new mentoring scheme an extremely rewarding experience. I enjoy teaching the younger students new things and they enjoy learning in smaller groups. The smaller groups engage the students better with their learning”. Regan year 12.

    “The mentoring has been going extremely well, starting with biology and soon will be moving on to chemistry. The small groups are great as the sessions are very interactive such as making posters and the students ask very inquisitive questions”. Bronwyn Year 12.