Established 1588 ffree Grammer Schole of Newport

Vision and Values

Vision Statement
Explore, fulfil and flourish
Founded with the vision of the ‘love I bear learning’, we realise Joyce Frankland’s original purpose through our values. We also recognise her wider vision, that students and staff would be ‘good members of the Common Wealth’ ensuring that all members of the community flourish.
Our Values
At Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport, we believe that the qualities expressed by ‘The 4 I’s’, are essential to establish life long learning.
  • Independence – The ability to be self-reliant, self-confident, resilient and show initiative.
  • Imagination – The ability to be creative and inventive.
  • Inquisitiveness – The desire to be curious and interested.
  • Insight – The ability to look beyond the obvious and treat others with empathy and understanding.
Academy goals (2019-2020)
1. How will we ensure that we make every effort to ‘add value’ to all students across the community?
2. How will we ensure that the curriculum, especially at key stage 3, is tailored to support students’ independence, imaginations, insightfulness and inquisitiveness?
3. How will we make every effort to create a culture of courtesy and respect within a supportive learning community?
4. How will we make every effort to raise the profile of JFAN across the community in order to continue its growth and long term sustainability?