Established 1588 ffree Grammer Schole of Newport

Vision and Values

Vision Statement
Explore, fulfil and flourish
Founded with the vision of the ‘love I bear learning’, we realise Joyce Frankland’s original purpose through our values. We also recognise her wider vision, that students and staff would be ‘good members of the Common Wealth’ ensuring that all members of the community flourish.
Our Values
At Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport, we believe that the qualities expressed by ‘The 4 I’s’, are essential to establish life long learning.
  • Independence – The ability to be self-reliant, self-confident, resilient and show initiative.
  • Imagination – The ability to be creative and inventive.
  • Inquisitiveness – The desire to be curious and interested.
  • Insight – The ability to look beyond the obvious and treat others with empathy and understanding.
Academy goals (2020-2021)
1. What do we need to do to support all of our community to become happy, healthy and humble and, as a consequence, successful? (Creating a culture where we work collaboratively to identify individual challenges, provide access to opportunities, celebrate successes and understand our place in the world.)
2. How can we develop a collaborative culture to form meaningful expectations of each other and high standards of professionalism and behaviour? (Working together to enhance relationships with colleagues, students, families, governors and local enterprises which is rooted in providing our young people with the best possible educational experiences.)
3. In what ways can we adapt our curriculum and assessment processes to respond to individual needs and shape the student into the adult that we want them to become? (Refocusing on the importance of independence, insight, inquisitiveness and imagination in our academic, social and co-curricular strategy sign-posting its links with problem-solving, cultural diversity and social injustice.)
4. How can we ensure that our community can articulate and reflect upon our strengths, our weaknesses, our achievements and our concerns, openly and confidently? (Developing a brand new continuing professional development programme for all colleagues which focuses on research-based learning and reflection with an inherent focus on developing all staff and provide high-quality education for our students.)