Established 1588 ffree Grammer Schole of Newport

Getting to School


Students who catch the train can buy either a daily ticket or a season ticket.  Season tickets are available through Abellio Greater Anglia at a substantial discount: please click here to visit their website.

When students disembark in Newport they should walk up the village street and turn down Elephant Green to bring them to school via the Croat.  They should not walk along Bury Water Lane as there is no pavement and the road is narrow.  When they return to the station they should again use the main street and enter the front of the station.  The back entry which involves crossing the railway bridge is dangerous because of traffic and there is no footpath.

If students leave anything on the train during their journey to school they should report it to student reception.



Students travelling by bus will disembark in Bury Water Lane or Cambridge Road. In the evening all students who travel by bus should assemble outside S Block near to the barrier.  3-4 members of staff will be on bus duty each evening and will supervise the departure of bus students.  Bus names and numbers are clearly called through a loud hailer.

If you have any queries about the buses that serve Newport please contact the bus helpline on 01245 437731, or your local County Council.



If you wish to drop or collect your child by car please observe the following rules:

A one-way system operates for buses and cars so as to avoid congestion.  Please approach the school via Wicken Road and School Lane leading into Bury Water Lane. Please drop students quickly and move off.  Please do not block the entrance to the staff car park.

In the evenings do not expect to be able to park along Bury Water Lane as it will be full of buses. To ease congestion, please do not arrive to pick up your daughter/son before 3.30pm and please do not block the access to Willow Vale housing estate on Bury Water Lane whilst waiting.


Bicycles – Independent Travel

If students wish to travel independently by bicycle, they must inform their Director of Key Stage. They should ensure that their bike is locked securely in a place to be agreed with their Director of Key Stage.


Applying for Free School Travel

For guidance, information and the eligibility criteria for free school travel please visit Essex County Council's website by clicking here