Established 1588 ffree Grammer Schole of Newport

Old Newportonians

The Old Newportonian Society was founded in 1895 at the George Inn, Southwark, by a group of former students including A.L. Simmons who attended the Academy from 1882 to 1885. Simmons originally thought of the idea of forming a former students society in a letter to William Waterhouse who was Headmaster from 1878 to 1911.

On 7th December 1895 the Society was officially formed and set up by a few Old Newportonians and has been in continuous existence ever since. Currently there are over one thousand members some fifty of whom live abroad. Since its formation the society has endeavoured to help the Academy in any way it can. In the last thirty years or so, members of the society have contributed in excess of £150,000 towards various appeals made by the Academy such as the appeals to raise funds to build the Music Suite and the Drama Studio as well as supporting needy individual students or groups of students in the furtherance of their studies and educational pursuits.

In addition to helping the Academy, the society also acts as a vehicle by which its members can keep in touch with each other after they leave and go on to university or the wider world of work. The society sends out two newsletters each year, one in July and one in December which contain information about forthcoming events, results and reports of events which have taken place, as well as articles of interest.

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