Established 1588 ffree Grammer Schole of Newport

2015-2016 Tutor Groups


Tutor groups are a group of approximately twenty eight students who are together for registration time only; groups are compiled of students from two year groups. The tutor is your first point of contact and initial questions you have should be sent to them using the homework diary or via their Academy email address.

Tutor groups are designed with one of the Academy’s key aims in mind; that is to develop a strong community.  Dame Joyce Frankland wrote in her Will that the students of Newport are to be educated, “whereby they may be good Members of the Common Wealth”. We uphold this mantra today.

In order to support our aims, every Year 7 student has an assigned Year 8 buddy in their Tutor group to help support them in their transition into the Academy. In Year 8 your child will be a buddy for a new Year 7. Every student in Newport will have an elder student they can go to for support and a younger student, who they in turn, support. For the most part, there will be Key Stage assemblies, however, we will also on occasion split for year specific assemblies which form part of the PSHE programme.

In order to encourage new friendship groups and wider social circles, existing friendship groups are split in to different tutor groups where possible. 

Key Stage Name of Group  Tutor    Co - Tutor Code
3 (7&8) 3RY Tim Rumsey   Ry
3 (7&8) 3LN Helen Ludden   Ln
3 (7&8) 3MY Xanthe May   My
3 (7&8) 3AN Donna Anderson   An
3 (7&8) 3WL Campbell Wilson   Wl
3 (7&8) 3FI Anna Ferrari   Fi
3 (7&8) 3KF Kate Featherstone   Kf
3 (7&8) 3JC Caroline Jenner   Jc
3 (7&8) 3HU Lynsey Hunt   Hu
3 (7&8) 3HY Megan Hickey   Hy
3 (7&8) 3SR Sam Ramdenne Tamzin Catmur  Sr
3 (7&8) 3FG Faresha Grey   Fg
4 (9&10) 4NK Nerine Kadwell   Nk
4 (9&10) 4KD Kieran Dorgon   Kd
4 (9&10) 4WS John Walsh   WS
4 (9&10) 4NS Nico Steffari   Ns
4 (9&10) 4RM Ronald Maphosa   Rm
4 (9&10) 4LH Lucy Hampson   Lh
4 (9&10) 4PE Emily Perrin   Pe
4 (9&10) 4PR Doug Porter   Pr
4 (9&10) 4EL Katie Ellard   El
4 (9&10) 4GR Ina Giron   Gr
4 (9&10) 4RG Rozann Gilbert Paul Cram Rg
4 (9&10) 4IE Becky Imagwe   Ie
4 (9&10) 4JA Joseph Asamoah   Ja
4 (9&10) 4DV Abigail Davison   Dv
4 (9&10) 4NI Naomie Shelmerdine   Ni
4 (11) 11OS Kerry O'Shea   Os
4 (11) 11AD Colin Almond   Ad
4 (11) 11HH Graham Hesketh   Hh
4 (11) 11GY Sadie Grinyer   Gy
4 (11) 11ED Shelley Edwards   Ed
4 (11) 11GI Dan Grindrod   Gi
4 (11) 11CT Angela Hehir Claire Hemel Ct/Hl
4 (11) 11KY Andrew Kiely   Ky
5(12&13) 6CJ Carl Jeffs   Cj
5(12&13) 6SPE Sue Eddlestone   Spe
5(12&13) 6DP Lisa  Dunlop Sian Mapp Dp/Mc
5(12&13) 6FA Fern Sage   Fa
5(12&13) 6TD Terry Dempsey   Td
5(12&13) 6FS Richard  Faulks   Fs
5(12&13) 6CN Simon Curran   Cn
5(12&13) 6EN Ewan Murray   En
Dan Langley Literacy/English Intervention  
Cathy Brenner Extended catering lessons  
Kirsty  Brown Numeracy/Maths Intervention  
Mark Knights Extended Music commitments  
Raessa Aniff Attached to 9&10