Established 1588 ffree Grammer Schole of Newport

The Academy's Key Priorities

We have the following Aims to ensure we demonstrate our vision through our work and fully prepare our students:

Academic achievement is recognised in terms of progress for all pupils, at or better than national benchmarks, irrespective of background or starting point.

  • Students make demonstrable progress in all subjects
  • Marking relates directly to attainment and targets clearly identifying points for progress
  • Closing the gap plan in place for all year groups
  • Students understand their wider priorities and responsibilities for learning.

Teachers and pupils, supported by parents, share the responsibility for promoting effective learning.

  • Consistent quality of T&L drives improvement
  • Positive climate for learning inside and outside the classroom
  • Student and parental voice positive across all areas
  • Embed and track ‘learning dispositions’ for the Academy.

The curriculum has the breadth, balance and relevance to match the aspirations of students and their needs for the future.

  • Curriculum provides learning routes and opportunities including and beyond ‘Ebacc’
  • Curriculum provides progression routes across and beyond all key stages.
  • Curriculum provides opportunity for learning about and experiencing the world of work.

Provision within and beyond the classroom enables students to learn about and appreciate other people, their cultures and traditions and to develop respect for self and to value others.

  • PSHE programme provides students with opportunity to learn and reflect on themselves, their values and those of others
  • All students participate in at least one extra-curricular activity
  • All students visit at least one culture different from their own
  • All students take part in a community programme. outcomes are enhanced by financial stability.

  • Budget facilitates more extensive additional learning programmes for students (STEM, G&T programmes etc)
  • Student teacher ratio closer to national average
  • Adequate reserves built up.