Established 1588 ffree Grammer Schole of Newport

The Academy's Expectation of Parents/Carers

As a parent/carer we need you to support us in what we are doing.

  • Please ensure your child only spends the allocated time on each piece of homework.
  • Please ensure you comment in each subject’s book once every half term about your impression of your child’s work and their progress.
  • Please raise concerns with us directly in the first instance.

For each key policy you will see a ‘parental expectation’ section; please ensure you have read each of these in order for you to understand the support we welcome from you.

If you have an issue about something please contact us in the first instance in order that we can deal with it in conjunction with you.

We would ask that you recognise that every story has two sides and that we need to see both sides of any argument before we are in an informed position to make a judgement. We also appreciate your respecting that as an organisation of more than one thousand individuals an immediate response is not always possible; we will do our utmost to respond to you within two working days.

We are grateful that many of you offer services and advice to us like expert opinions, fundraising and meeting with students interested in your chosen field. If you would like to be involved in this way or have something to offer the Academy, please get in contact. 

Please click here to read the Home School Agreement.