Established 1588 ffree Grammer Schole of Newport

Academy Policies & Statements

Name Date  
Accessibility Plan 2019 01st Oct 2019 Download
Admission Arrangements 2023-2024 02nd Mar 2022 Download
Admissions Policy 2022-2023 17th Jun 2021 Download
AL Charging Policy SPRING 19-21 10th Apr 2021 Download
AL Complaints Policy 01st Sep 2021 Download
AL Equality and Diversity Policy 23rd Mar 2022 Download
AL Gifts Policy 21st May 2020 Download
AL Governors Allowance Policy 21st May 2020 Download
AL Safeguarding Policy February 2022 Under Review 28th Feb 2022 Download
AL Whistleblowing Policy 01st Sep 2021 Download
Behaviour Policy 2021-2022 07th Mar 2022 Download
Careers Policy, Programme and Local Employment Data 27th Feb 2020 Download
Complaints Procedure: Guidance for parents and general public 01st Sep 2021 Download
Gifts and Hospitality Policy 21st May 2020 Download
Governor Allowances Policy 21st May 2020 Download
JFAN Safeguarding and CP Policy 2021-2022 13th Sep 2021 Download
JFAN Send Info Report Sept 2021 01st Sep 2021 Download
JFAN SEND Policy 2021-2022 01st Sep 2021 Download
Keeping Children Safe In Education 2021 Part One and Annex B 13th Sep 2021 Download
NHS Guidance Regarding Illness 05th Feb 2020 Download
Ofsted Final Inspection Report Dec 2020 14th Jan 2021 Download
Public Sector Equality Duty Scheme 20th May 2020 Download
Pupil Premium Plan 20th May 2020 Download
Recruitment and Selection Policy 24th Mar 2022 Download
Relationship/Sex Education Policy 2021/2022 17th Nov 2021 Download
Teaching, Learning, Feedback and Assessment Policy 22nd Jan 2021 Download