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Student Attendance

In line with the government’s commitment to reduce absence, the Persistent Absence threshold will be changing from 85% to 90%, with effect from 1st September 2015. Any student whose attendance at school is lower than 90% at any point in the school year will be classed as Persistently Absent.

Please see below a table showing the new Department for Education expectations and the impact of changing attendance at school in terms of whole days absent and learning hours lost (a full school year is 190 days equalling 950 learning hours). The DFE expects every pupil attending school to maintain an attendance level of above 96%.




Whole Days Absent

Learning Hours Lost


100%  -  99%

0  -  2

0  -  10


98%  -  96%

4  -  7.5

20  -  37.5

Cause for concern

95%  -  91%

9.5  -  17

47.5  -  85


90%  -  87%

19  -  25

95  -  125

Serious cause for concern





85%  -  80%

28.5  -  38

142.5  -  190


As part of our monitoring and improvement process, parents will be contacted regarding their child’s attendance if there are any concerns regarding absence. This may be if an absence/absences have caused them to fall below this threshold or if they are at risk of doing so.

In cases of Persistent Absence we will request medical authorisation before we mark an absence as illness. Please note that it is ultimately the Academy’s decision how we mark absence in our school registers. In cases of continuing absence it might also be necessary to invite parents into school for a meeting to discuss the issues around the absence. In some cases, it will be necessary to hold a formal School Attendance Meeting with a representative from Educational Welfare Services. Some unauthorised absences can result in parents being issued with a £60 Penalty Notice rising to £120 if not paid within a set timeframe.

While it is appreciated that children are unwell from time to time and there can be exceptional circumstances for absences, please think carefully before allowing your child to be off school as persistent absence is proven to have a significant impact upon a child’s educational attainment and personal development.