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Being Head Girl

What has it been like to be Head Girl?’

One of the more exciting things we’ve done as a Sixth Form was the organisation of an action packed charities week. At first glance it appears as though we spent a week organising charity events, which we did, but I can assure you, that it took a lot longer than that. Between us, we spent weeks organising the prefects to help us coordinate the events and consequently raise a jaw-dropping £3,500. I won’t go into details about what we did to raise the money be-cause I’m sure you all re-member the week - I certainly do – but it consisted of hilarious fancy dress, multiple lunch time shows in which both teachers and Sixth Form students were embarrassed and many other more traditional methods of raising money like a good old cake sale and raffle. I can honestly say that this week, however stressful it may have been to organise, is one that I will never forget. Seeing it all come together at the end and knowing what a difference we’ve helped make in some people’s lives as a result of it made the weeks of organisation totally worth it. The week provided an opportunity for the Sixth Form to work together which is something we don’t always get the opportunity to do, and so seeing it happen just made it all the more satisfying for us. This week how-ever, as you can probably imagine, required funding and we, as a sixth from, have an entirely unique way of raising money.

Every half term, we organise social events with the aim that we can help the Sixth Form to come together as more of a com-munity. These events also conveniently double up as fund raisers because we charge a small amount for entry to the venue. They provide us all with a great opportunity to get to know each other in an out of school environment which, more often than not, turns out to be a pretty good night out for the Sixth Formers too! These nights give us the opportunity to talk to the students we otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to talk to and get to know what the students want from us. This makes the Sixth Form feel more like a home, some-where to be proud to be a part of. I have made lots of good memories at socials so it’s definitely something I’ll never forget!

The main event of the year is something of a climax to all the fun we’ve had – the end of year ball. It’s an occasion that everyone looks forward to: girls spend months shopping for dresses and boys have an excuse to buy a new suit. The evening provides many opportunities for exciting events: it’s where the new Head Boy, Head Girl and deputies will be announced; an opportunity to say thank you and good-bye to the academy as a whole and also a night to remember! It gives us an opportunity to look back on everything we’ve done this year and be proud of our achievements. The Ball is a night where we can say our goodbyes to the academy and perform our final roles as the heads and deputies before passing on the roles to the next lucky few. As it hasn’t actually happened yet, I can’t tell you what events un-folded but what I can say is that I’m really looking forward to ending the year with a bang!

So, we’ve had a lot of fun this year as well as helping with many more formal events. It’s been a long year and amongst all that fun we have managed to complete some A Levels along the way somewhere! So what comes next? For most of us probably university but however exciting our future we’ve gained skills and made memories this year we’ll never forget and for that I can’t thank the academy enough for the opportunity.

Briagha Barnes

(Head Girl 2014-2015)