Established 1588 ffree Grammer Schole of Newport

Behaviour for Learning

Excellent behaviour is achieved through well planned, engaging lessons that take account of individual student needs. Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport values a culture of mutual respect and individual responsibility where all members of the Academy demonstrate these values through their behaviour.

We ask students to: 

  • Be ready and prepared to learn, 
  • Be responsible for their own actions and are personally accountable, 
  • Know and follow the Academy rules, 
  • Treat all others with respect, 
  • Inform an appropriate member of staff if they are aware of any wrong doing.

We ask parents to:

  • Support the Academy’s rules and sanctions,  
  • Contact the relevant member of staff when you have a concern, 
  • Accept that the Academy has to base its response on ‘most likely’ cases supported by evidence, 
  • Understand that your child’s opinion is of equal worth to any others and may not be believed.

To view the behaviour flow chart please click here. To read the behaviour policy in full please click here