Established 1588 ffree Grammer Schole of Newport


Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport believes that a love of learning is inspired and fostered through excellent teaching.

Our learning and teaching goals are as follows:

  • All lessons have the appropriate challenge to ensure that every learner, including the most vulnerable and the most able, develops and makes exceptional progress. Please click on ‘Stretch and Challenge’ policy here.
  • All lessons are astutely planned to ensure that teachers are facilitators of learning.  
  • All teachers will be involved in a CPD lesson study project where they choose a particular learning focus to explore and a particular group of pupils, research and discuss relevant educational theory, observe each other, reflect upon these observations and the evaluation of research and begin to draw upon conclusions, presenting their ideas through ‘learning stalls’. All projects need to demonstrate a tangible impact on pupil outcomes.  

The 4 ‘I’ Ethos:

We aim for all our students to be independent, inquisitive, imaginative and insightful citizens who not only flourish academically and exceed our expectations but also are fully skilled to lead successful adult lives.  

Inquisitive learners will:

  • Show interest and passion in a subject.
  • Have confidence to ask lots of questions in order to get a deeper understanding of what they are learning.
  • Listen to the opinions of others and possibly modify their own.

Imaginative learners will:

  • Be brave in trying to think ‘outside of the box’.
  • They will not ‘follow the learner of others’ but embark upon a learning journey of their own.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to think deeply.

Insightful learners will:

  • Employ an empathetic approach to their learning.
  • Respect the opinions of their peers even if they would like to challenge them.
  • Research around a subject, build on their current knowledge and apply this in lessons and in their work.

Independent learners will:

  • Be resilient. They will not ask the teacher to help first. They will attempt tasks themselves, possibly ask a peer and/or look through their exercise book before seeking the teacher’s assistance.
  • Reflect on their past work and have an astute understanding of what they need to learn next.
  • Understand and employ revision strategies which suit them.
  • Be driven to reach their ambitions and goals.      

These learning qualities will be assessed by all members of the Academy’s staff body and students who demonstrate them impressively throughout the academic year will receive recognition from the Vice Principal, the Principal, or the Vice Chair of Governors.