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Erasmus project trip to Germany 2019

Our students thoroughly enjoyed their time in Germany and were great hosts to their German colleagues when they came to Newport. Here are the diaries written by two of our students while in Germany to give you a flavour.

Day 1
I woke up at 2:30a.m. to meet at the airport at 3:00a.m. We landed in The Netherlands and then got a minibus to Ubach Palenburg where we met are exchanges. I then went back to Fabian's and played a German board game and PS4 which was fun. Fabian's parents were funny.

Day 2
We had to meet at school 8a.m. which was not fun. We then had a Maths lesson then a chemistry lesson. In chemistry we made a battery with a piece of apple. Then later that day we played Ultimate Frisbee. I was good at catching but I was terrible at throwing. Then in the evening we went to Eric's for a party.

Day 3
We took a minibus to The Netherlands early in the morning. First we went ice-skating; we had a lesson so now I am a better ice-skater. Then we played football; the Spanish would try and do skill all game but they were terrible in reality apart from one boy who was crazy good. There I played a bit of floor-ball against Rory. My team was terrible but it was ok because we still beat Rory's team. Then in the evening we went to Kristina's for another party which was more fun.

Day 4
We went down to the train station and took a train to Aachen. While we were there we saw many historical features for the city like the dome. I also when shopping for a bit and we went in a technology
shop and messed about with the speakers. Then we went and did an escape room which was fun because I had never done one of them before.

Day 5
We took a train again but this time to Cologne. We saw more history like the dome which was absolutely massive and incredibly detailed. I also went shopping today and bought a t shirt from a German shop, a belt and some nice cookies. I was also late meeting up because I was far away in a Starbuck's. We went to another party at Eric's which was fun because it was like a farewell party.

Day 6
We met up at school in the morning to do an evaluation of the trip before we got a minibus to the airport. We said goodbye to our exchange partners and then got in a minibus. Once at the airport I realized that the wheels on my suitcase had fallen off so I had to drag my bag to the airport doors. Unfortunately, the last day was the first day it had been warm. We got home quickly which was good.

If I could explain the trip in one sentence it would be ' A series of fun and crazy events'.

• Sunday
After getting up in the middle of the night we arrived at Eindhoven Airport around 8am. It didn’t take long to pass through customs and jump on the minibus to CMG school in Germany. We didn’t notice that we’d crossed the Dutch/German Border as the roads seemed very similar. We were met by the German exchange students and taken back to their homes. I was with Joel, who showed me around his house and introduced me to his Mum, Dad and younger brother. I ate with them that evening and went to bed at 10pm feeling very exhausted.

• Monday
It was another early start and I had my first German breakfast, which included ham, sausages and bread, washed down with a fruit tea. Some new flavours for me. It was a ten minute walk to the school from Joel’s house. Upon arrival we went straight into our first German lesson, which was a struggle, as we didn’t understand anything. It was interesting to see the German ways of teaching though. During the afternoon we did orienteering and ultimate frisbee, which was especially fun as it was a new sport to me. That night we walked home and had some food before going to bed.

• Tuesday
Joel and I arrived at school around 8am where a coach was waiting for us. We then had an hour’s ride to an ice rink in the Netherlands. We met with the Spanish and Dutch pupils, who are also part of the exchange trip. We had some ice skating lessons followed by some free time on the ice. After food we entered the main sports hall to play football and hockey for a few hours. I really enjoyed the afternoon. Then it was a coach ride back to Germany, where I ate with Joel’s family again.

• Wednesday
We met at the school before walking to Ubach Palenberg train station. We caught a train to Aachen, a German town south of where we were staying. We had some free time to explore the shops and look at the old water baths, followed by a visit to an escape room, which was a new experience for me. We caught a train back to Ubach Palenberg and then I was driven back to Joel’s house. I started to feel more at home and settled at this point.

• Thursday
Today was much the same as yesterday with another train trip. This time we headed to Cologne where we were shown around the amazing Cathedral in the centre of the city. Then we headed along a bridge that was covered in love locks, padlocks of all shapes and sizes attached to the bridge railings. During our free time we looked around many shops, many of which had huge brightly lit signs. Like Wednesday, we caught the train home and I ate with Joel’s family again.

• Friday
In the morning we walked to the school after I said goodbye and thank you to Joel’s family. We took part in a quiz before catching the minibus back to the airport. The flight was quick and before I knew it I was back at Stansted being met by my Dad. It was good to be home after such a great trip. Since I’ve got home I’ve stayed in touch with Joel.