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A Day in the Life Of...

Before moving to secondary school, I was nervous about loads of things, mostly getting to classes in a five minute period of time. Now this seems like ages ago. My aim was to make new friends as I was the only person from my primary school. As I walked into the main hall I met a girl that I am still friends with today. Knowing that my brother and my best friend Emma were also there to help me and show me to lessons was a big relief. Firstly, I was very confused about where all the classrooms were and all of the blocks, but I soon learnt where everything was. I was surprised with how I didn’t get completely lost in the first few weeks and how quickly I found a group of friends who I hang out with all the time. Now I feel independent and can easily find my way around school. I am proud that I have made friends not just in my form but all over the school and bus.

Violet Gordon (2018)


On my induction day I was very scared and I wasn’t comfortable at all. When I came on the bus I was dreading to arrive at school. I got off the bus and headed straight to the sports hall. Miss Brien was in there and in front of me was the entire year. I felt extremely nervous. Miss Brien gave us an introduction to the school and I began to feel a little reassured.

I went to my first lesson with my friend and we sat together at first, but by fifth period we were all sitting in a big group. At the end of the day I felt a little more reassured, I had exchanged numbers with a few of the girls in my group.

All through the summer holidays me and my new friends were texting and I began to feel a little excited. On the first day I still felt anxious but I was excited to start a new school. By the end of my first week I had a lovely group of friends. In my first week I was asked by Ms. Brien to do a speech for the new year 7s and their parents. I felt very privileged and I loved representing the school. Later on in the year I got awarded one of the 4 I’s. This is for students who the teachers have voted for. I felt really proud of myself.

My advice would be to join some clubs! This really helped my confidence and helped me make friends. Also, just be yourself and don’t feel pressured to change for anyone. If you have any problems, speak to your form tutor or your buddy, but mostly just enjoy it and don’t be worried about making new friends because I’m sure everyone will like you.

See you in September.

                                                                                                            Lydia Griffin (2017)