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The 16 to 19 Tuition Fund

The 16-19 Tuition Fund 2021-2022
Joyce Frankland Academy has allocated the 16 - 19 tuition funding to those students who have not achieved at least a standard pass in Maths or English at GCSE due to disruption to learning caused by Covid 19, and who have, therefore, been identified as being the most appropriate cohort within the 16-19 phase to receive support paid for by the fund.
All students who are receiving tuition are undertaking a full A-Level programme or the equivalent. The Mathematics cohort consists of 8 students in Year 13 and 7 in Year 12 and there are two students in Year 12 for English. Having explored ways of providing support with Maths, it was decided to provide two extra hours of small group tuition per timetable cycle bringing their total support to 4 hours per fortnight. The English cohort are received one – to – two tuition, provided by specialist subject teachers.
Providing the support internally, rather than using an external provider, was identified as being the most appropriate way of providing support for the identified students as students have found that the most effective provision was face-to-face. We will provide small group tuition outside of timetabled school hours (holidays and afterschool sessions) and provide 'drop-down' days where students are off timetable to participate in small group tuition. The tuition is being provided by fully qualified Mathematics teachers from within the Trust.
Depending upon the developmental needs of the identified students we may also offer one-to-one online tuition through an outside provider (one of the NTP partnership tuition companies that we have previously worked with).